Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Its Wednesday night and all of our bags are packed.
Have I talked about my plans for this weekend? I can't recall. Well I'll let you in!
Every other year the Davis clan has a family reunion in Oklahoma, roughly 30 minutes outside of Tulsa.
From the moment I met Adam's family they always talked about the family reunions. It used to be held over a weeks span (can you say too much family time?) but is now only just a weekend.  Lots of family time and lots of ....more family time.
We fly out at the crack of dawn followed by what I'm assuming will be a mind-blowing layover in Missouri and finally we'll land!
One of Adam's aunts owns a large property by on a  lake with multiple cabins which they're letting all of us stay in. I'm told there will be lots of nothing to do. We'll be swimming and tubing, reading, playing games and all of those lovely activities. I don't fare too well with the sun as I'm...well...very fair. Everyone will inevitably come back from the trip looking like brown sugar where as I will be your resident lobster in a black bathing suit.
Time for bed, I've got an early day ahead of me. Sleep well, bon soir!
  xoxo. bd

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