Sunday, June 6, 2010

 There's a lovely calm feeling that I have on Sundays, a feeling of pure relaxation. You know, have lunch and take a scrumptious nap only to wake up to everyone assembling leftovers into sandwiches then watching tv shows. I'm not the only one who's experienced that right?
We woke up this morning and got ready for church {ohh we've missed our church home in Franklin!} where we heard a wonderful sermon on The Flood...the big Noah's Ark flood. I had never heard the story presented in such a way that everyone in the room seemed to be engaged. Oddly enough, as the service about 40 days and nights of rain was over we walk outside to it misting all around us.
Spending the next few hours eating some SATCO and walking around the very posh Green Hills Mall we wore ourselves out and decided to come home.
On a side note: The air conditioning/heat fan in our car broke last September. We got away with slamming the hood down which somehow popped it back on. All of that effort lasted until around February but eventually it led to cracking a part of our windshield. Unfortunately the rest of Spring and beginning of Summer has been miserable. We would either have frozen fingers in March or sit in sweltering heat up until yesterday. That's right, by the grace of Adam's parents they blessed us with the gift of fixing our car. The warmth and humidity now have nothing on us while driving down the interstate. No more tangled hair from the wind and no more 3x application of deodorant. Ohh it's beautiful. Life just got a lot easier. {Thank you Joe and Barbara!}
Tomorrow begins another busy week. Until then I'll be relaxing with my family, obsessing over the cooking channel.

Have a cozy evening!
xoxo .bd
{Photo Credits: All via Sunday Suppers and photographer Karen Mordechai}

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