Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{OOOps Post}

{Meant to post on Sunday but apparently didn't have the strength to press Publish Post}

Happy Sunday, lovelies!
I hope that you've had a wonderful and lazy or maybe even uber productive weekend.
Friday all of our tasks were taken care of and we capped it off by going to a surprise birthday party for my beautiful friend Morgan. We had such a fun time seeing friends and over doing it with the yummy punch. (I must have that recipe) At the end of the night all of us gathered around the picnic table in their backyard covered in lights and candles. We played a hilarious round of apples and apples which I now think we should own for ourselves.

Yesterday we drove to Murfreesboro, roughly 35 minutes west of Franklin, to have my other beautiful friend Whitney do my makeup! She works for MAC and the company was having a promo weekend for their newest summer line. Her work is gorgeous and I walked out of their with a surprisingly colorful eye make up. Who knew I could pull off yellow/green eye shadow? I certainly didn't but risks are necessary in life to spice things up. 
The night before Jessica invited me and Adam with her roommate Brittni to see Andy Davis play at 3rd and Lindsley. Let's just put it out there that I have been a fan of his music for quite sometime and only by the influence of Jessica had I known about him. She brought me to a show at 12th and Porter a little over 3 years ago where I instantly fell in love with the style. It may have been a bit sticky and warm in the bar last night but Trent Dabbs, Andrew Belle and Andy Davis certainly did not disappoint. Going to shows was always a passion of mine while living in Nashville and I'm excited to have it be apart of my life again.
xoxo .bd

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