Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hello friends, I hope you're well!
It has been over a week since I've written. 
As written in my last post we left for a 5 day trip for a family reunion. We spent our time between Owasso and Skiatook, OK. Friday we spent at the state aquarium then later that evening headed to Crystal Bay Marina to set up our cabins. It felt like we did nothing but eat, swim, eat, swim, sleep and repeat. I kid you not.
By the grace of God I didn't get sun burned, just an overload of freckles on my face. I'll take it :) 
Pictures to be posted soon, I promise!
Arriving back home in Nashville came at the right time, we were so worn out. Unfortunately there's no rest for the weary, we had business that had to be taken care of.
Tuesday we took care of some tax issues where we ended up with a lovely 3 hour experience at the IRS. {Thank goodness it's done!}
Yesterday morning I went to the dentist to have a certain tooth looked at. Long story short I never had wisdom teeth that I knew of . Turns out I have one, yes only one, behind that pesky tooth that's caused me trouble. On top of that lone piece of wisdom the dentist discovers that I still have a baby tooth which I never lost. Can you believe it? The adult tooth for some reason never felt the need to exercise its right to come on up. He said that in time something will happen leaving that tooth to break off if I bit into a hard piece of food. Im wishing with all of my might that we can fix it beforehand.

We're headed on another trip, a teensy road trip to Birmingham for the holiday weekend. Be back soon!
xoxo .bd
{Photo Credits: Pretty Stuff via Everything FabThe Steward }

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