Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweet bliss! 
When I don't have the opportunity or energy to blog I feel a little down because I absolutely love doing so. Now I have a moment, but only a moment because I'll be heading out the door to get a new debit card. More on that later.
My previous post mentioned that I was going to have a busy week, I'm not sure how much I put that into perspective. Monday and Tuesday proved to wear us Davis's out- we left the house by 7:30 only to get back home that night by 10 something. Long long day! We were given a job to help clean a l2,000 sq ft home before the family moved in. Never in my life have I done that many squats while wiping down base boards, scrubbing an enormous amount of (to die for) marble and much more. The house was opulent to say the least, with vintage chandeliers in every room (yes, every) and countless vintage gold sconces. Love! As that house would a be a dream home for the two of us, it was just a bit big. We cleaned there Monday night and all day Tuesday...let's just say we were humbled.
 {Dream stove! A viking surrounded by marble and custom cabinetry}
{The gorgeous foyer. The chandelier had to be lowered and every piece of glass had to be shined.}
{My favorite hallway; never knew I could have one but I do! Marble floors throughout, custom molding and light fixtures with two of the lovely ladies I worked with.}
Today I am lucky enough to have off and am trying to take care of all the little or rather big chores that were pushed aside this week. Living out of our suitcases makes clothes unorganized and the room just plain messy. With my time this morning I've folded, hung garments and put things in their proper place. Let's see how long this lasts.
I stated above needing to get a new debit card. Once again our bank account has been compromised with someone using our hard earned money to spend $600+ at WalMart online. From what we can recall the last time our card was out of our hands was at a local pizza place this past Friday. We work so hard for our money, literally very hard, and it is awful to have someone take that from you. 
If you recall less than 2 months ago we had the same situation arise but being Adam's debit card number stolen.
Our bank will have all of the stolen money reimbursed by tomorrow morning and we now have to make changes in how we use our cards. Again and again we ask ourselves why these hardships are in our life- we know it's not cosmic and we know it's not God punishing us...we've come up with it being a sharpening tool.  To teach and grow us.
I'm just sayin', I'd like to lay off the sharpenin' please!
Here I go, some running around to do and a lovely party for tonight.

xoxo .bd
{Photo Credits: Style Sightings, Definitely Golden }

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