Friday, June 4, 2010

 Rise and shine, it's a beautiful Friday morning.
With a week full of different jobs and running errands I'm finding that I enjoy work. I may need a day or two off here and there...and maybe I'll be in bed by 10... but keeping busy is what my heart desires.
Currently Adam has been gone everyday bringing home the bacon. He's the best provider and continually takes care of us never turning down a days work. Though the sharing of one car tends to drive us crazy we're blessed to even have one and have multiple jobs on a daily basis. Like I've said before, moving here for the summer was a leap of faith and God has shown us, again and again, that He is faithful always. He is the almighty provider. 
A job that the two of us have been given is to help clean houses. It may not be the most glamorous job as one could imagine and that's okay. We're blessed to have someone who calls everyday with a new offer and work opportunity.
Being that I'm about to put the rent check in the mail, I think I'm ready for beautiful photos to take my mind off of the real world.

Have a wonderful, splendiforous beginning to your weekend. 
xoxo .bd

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