Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting Crafty

Let me begin by saying that I love Christmas. Love. Love. Love.
When the season draws near and the weather turns cold, I revert to holiday mode.
If I'm being honest with you, I will tell you that I have been watching Christmas movies non stop. In fact I had a "for shame, Betsy!" moment when I realized I had never actually watched Miracle On 34th Street, the Mara Wilson version or the old one.

Want to know a fun fact? Miracle on 34th Street came out the year after "It's a Wonderful Life". At the time, It's a Wonderful Life bombed at the theaters which made everyone else making a holiday movie weary. In July of 1947 they released Miracle on 34th Street because they thought it wouldn't do so well. Little did they know it would become a classic as did It's A Wonderful Life. 
Who would have ever thought that those movies would disappoint anyone? 

All of that to say, I enjoyed so very much the newer version that I want to watch it every night before bed. That's right, it's like I'm 5. 
So on to being crafty. As I mentioned above, I love Christmas and I love to decorate. It's one thing to live with your family and always use what your mom picks out but it's another thing if you are on your own.
Over the last couple of years that we've been married I have gathered a few things here and there. Garlands, ornaments, a little tree, lights and nick-knacks were pretty much all we had. Nothing too fancy. But this year I decided to take my time. I even came up with a theme, Vintage French Christmas.
Etsy has proven to be a great source of inspiration, especially one shop, The French Nest Co.

I wanted to amp up our decor without having to amp up the budget and I also wanted to look around my home and say, "I made that!".
With a fire lit beneath me I headed to Hobby Lobby today after work and searched for an hour to find my first couple of projects. Let's just say I bought four bottles of glitter, clothes pins, blank canvas ornaments (cardboard and glass) so that I can get crafty up in their business and a few other items. 
I'm pumped and am ready to put things together. My mission is to even make our own Christmas cards. We'll see where that one actually takes us.

Tomorrow I will hopefully post my Birchbox video of all my November items...stay tuned and I'll talk to you soon!

xoxo. bd
{Photo Credits: The French Nest Co}

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