Friday, September 23, 2011


At work I have been given the task to handle all social media and am daily on facebook, twitter and our company's blog making updates and posts on the regular.
I think it's funny how God works in our lives as I've been a blogger since I was 14 and haven't stopped since. Finally a job that gives me the ability to use this knowledge I've gained over the past 9.5 years and put it to some use!

With the constant updating I have to do at work I gain more excitement to keep up with my own blogging. Consistency is the key, though, isn't it?! I need to work on that. {Note to self: Work on it.} K, good.

Today I went out with all of my co-workers to a recent Nashville favorite, Taco Mamacita's. The boss let all of us leave a little early to grab a table and treat us to drinks! Thank you, Linas, for being so kind...and thank you for the blueberry margarita! So yummy! Adam was able to attend as well and hang out with these people I share every day with, I think he fit in perfectly!

Alright so I'm off to bed, it's 2AM and we're at my parents house for the night to spend all of tomorrow {Actually today} getting breakfast, browsing through shops and seeing where Merriweather Lewis died. 
I will be taking pictures and hope to post them soon!

I hope you have a fantastic start to the weekend and first day of fall!
xoxo .bd

{Photo Credit: Here}

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