Saturday, September 17, 2011

Organized Mess

Do you ever find that you go through stages of "blah"? 
With our house for the past month or so I have gone through this stage.

Our marriage is fantastic, my job is great, family life couldn't be better, but alas our home is not. By that I mean I lost all inspiration to whip through the house to clean or organize. Maybe there are clothes in a pile on the floor that I looked at today, thought to fold and walked away to get ready. So maybe shamefully there's a "catch-all" closet beneath the stairs and maybe obviously there's an extra room being underutilized.  We have so many wonderful spaces to work with, but my lazy bum hasn't set aside a Saturday to kick things into shape.

Lately, my obsession with Pinterest has been in full blown overdrive. I am daily shown lovely homes and easy how-to's, not to mention fabulous clothes, makeup and hair inspirations. But that's besides this post's point. The point is because of Pinterest and a lady's organizing blog, iheartorganizing, I am filled with organized desire. Inspiration beckons! And now any street cred I may have had as a 23 year old is shot. I'm not that cool and I like to keep clean.
As fall approaches I am eager to bring about change in our home. Hopefully this coming week I will keep to my mental check list of things I need to tackle.

         ::Go through all crap
         ::Sift through Adam's law school books/items
         ::Figure out where to put Christmas/Holiday Decor
My list could go on as I think of all the tasks but I will spare myself (& you) and just do what I can.
With that said, I'm going to spend some time with my Mom and grandfather as we're spending the night at my parents house. Have a wonderful night!
I'll talk to you soon,
xoxo .bd

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