Monday, September 26, 2011

Leipers & Loveless

As promised, I wanted to share with you our day spent with the family.
Everyone, being my parents and Papa and us two handsome Davis's, drove to a town called Leiper's Fork for the morning. Leiper's isn't a very big city whatsoever, in fact I'm sure you'd miss it if you weren't paying much attention. It is known for Puckett's Grocery and also where Naomi and Wynona Judd live. {Did you catch The Judd's on OWN? I sure did!} 
Also in the small town is a restaurant, formerly a motel, The Loveless Cafe. Famous for their biscuits (and for darn good reason) they are typically no less than an hours wait to sit down. Some people claim it is no different than Cracker Barrell, but it is about the experience and the history! If you are ever in the Nashville area and want some good southern breakfast, check them out and come early so you can get a taste of that amazing blackberry jelly they make.

Along either side of the restaurant are shops special to the cafe where you can browse everything from pottery and antiques to ham or bicycles. It's really just a fun place to go, especially in the fall!

Followed by our breakfast was the actual town of Leiper's Fork. There is a small strip of shops with restaurants, antique shops, local artists galleries and the ever so special, Yeoman's. 
My husband, being the Civil War history buff and fanatic that he is was enthralled by their inventory. They sell mainly rare books, namely first editions and war documents.Out of respect of the store I chose not to take pictures. But my grandfather was able to hang out with one of his old school buddies, Ben Franklin. Oh the stories they told us! 

We had a great morning followed by a trip to Nordstrom's which just opened here in Nashville. Where have you been my whole life? High end beauty and fashion at your fingertips is always a bonus!

I hope your weekend was filled with fun and exciting activities, here's to another productive week...
xoxo .bd

{All photo credits - Betsy Davis}

A side note about yours truly, yes me.  The last time I went to Loveless, in September 2008,  I was with a bunch of girlfriends for a Sunday brunch we held every month. Each time we would pick a different restaurant to try out and that particular time we visited Loveless, The Travel Channel was filming a breakfast show. Lo-and-behold our table was asked to be interviewed. You can catch me every once in a while at roughly 2am on Breakfast Paradise. I say the ever so interesting, "It's just good food!" which I'm sure hooks every last person who watches that episode! DVR it, I dare you :) 

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