Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Well hello and a Happy New Year to you!
Can you believe we're already in 2011? The past year has flown by and I'm not sure where it went. 
Our New Year's Eve was fun as we spent it with our closest Memphis friends at our friend Zack's house.
We played Catch Phrase for at least 3 hours, if not 4, and had a blast. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time which makes me think what better way to ring in 2011 but with laughter. 
Now before I get ahead of myself I wanted to post a few pictures of our Christmas. For some reason I didn't take but one  picture of my family's celebrations though I did get some from Adam's side. (If my mom has some posted soonish I'll steal them from her and post them on mine :) )

As far as I can recall I don't believe I've ever had a white Christmas...maybe once? To my utter delight and sheer excitement we woke up that morning with glorious snow falling all around us! Not only did it snow on the 25th but it continued to snow the entire following day. 
 Above is my parent's home with the pretty dusting of snow and below is the most handsome man I know clearing off the car as I sit cozily inside. Thank you, love!
 And another photo of this hunk of burnin' love. Oh my word he's gonna kill me if he sees this!

Here is the Davis side of things, they have blessed me immensely...they raised the man I love!
 Above is Joe, my father-in-law, fixing the new suit they bought for Adam tailor fit and all as his 25th birthday present. Below is my mother-in-law Barbara and her mother JoAnne who we affectionately call Mamaw!

Our time spent for those few days was wonderful not to mention the numerous gifts we received were amazing! I received lots of gorgeous clothes, makeup, jewelery, gift cards, money and one kick butt food processor! Adam got a gift which has seemingly taken over our lives....but in a good way....the Kindle. Oh yes he's read 4 or 5 books in just over a week. That e-reader goes with us everywhere but it's nice because he bought me a book and the scrabble application :).

I apologize for the lack of updates but it's a new year! Another to follow verrrry soon.
xoxo .bd

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