Monday, January 10, 2011

 Last night we were met with flurries falling quickly as the sun went down followed by even heavier ones into the wee hours of the morning.

I was wishing with all of my might that work would close on account of the weather so I could have a day off. Selfish wishes I know but last week wasn't my favorite and I needed a break. I called work and was told by voice mail that our clinic was closed for the day. (Hallelujah chorus inserted here) I hung up the phone, closed my eyes and rolled over... today I can rest.

Today was the first day for Adam for start his internship which he's been looking forward to. Not sure as to whether or not they would be open he called and e-mailed with no answer. 
For the past couple of weeks we've purchased a few new dress shirts, a couple of  ties and a handsome pair of shoes. Now he's got a whole new wardrobe and looks better than ever. I wish I'd taken a picture!
He rushed to get ready in the chance that they were open and drove downtown. With no luck the marshall's wouldn't let him in as he didn't have a badge or key (those were the two items he would be given on his first day) so he left and came back home. I must say I'm glad they weren't answering their phones because I got him all to myself today. 

We lazed around for a while then got ready to see "Country Strong". Gweneth Paltrow did a great job as did my Gossip Girl favorite Leighton Meester. The two of us found ourselves singing the songs from the film after leaving the theater. I would definitely recommend it if you're in the mood for a drama and catchy songs. (I also loved that multiple scenes took place in Nashville.)

With whatever weather you've had I hope your day has been wonderful. I know it's Monday but at least it's another start, right? Have a lovely evening....I'll talk to you soon.
xoxo .bd

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