Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Being the girl that I am I find myself always looking around at what people are wearing, how they do their hair, their makeup and I place special attention on their purse. 
No I'm not thinking of ways to rob them if that's what you're getting at....
A woman's purse is her own private world. I'll find my husband weary to fetch something from my purse if he needs my wallet in fear of what he might find. Or maybe he's worried that he's invading my privacy....which he never would be of course...but you get the point. Funny, isn't it?
Well I'm fascinated by what ladies carry in their bag which is why I love to look at the photos on flickr and view videos on youtube centered around "What's In My Purse". 
While reading one of my favorite blogs I came upon her post appropriately titled, "What's In My Bag".
I thought I'd share the photos and how elegant the world she carries around with her is. I find loose change and Starbucks straw wrappers floating around in mine (please tell me I'm not alone).
Here's my inspiration for a neater purse and prettier belongings. 

Have a lovely evening...I'll talk to you soon!
xoxo .bd

{Photo Credits: The Cherry Blossom Girl}

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