Monday, September 20, 2010

It's already the 20th of September and I can't remember where this month went.
The heat has yet to relent. Waking up every morning hope rises in my heart that the air will be crisp at a cool 60 degrees but no avail.

As always things around here are pretty tame. Last Wednesday Adam and his law school buddies played flag football with some of the undergrads at U of M and totally beat them, 32-0! That's right! I felt it a little unfair because you've got men in the mid to late 20's, and even 30's against spry little 18/19 year olds. The undergrads were upset but I was so excited! Apparently it happens every Wednesday, go Adam! I took a few pictures of them but because they never stopped moving all the pictures looked blurry. I'll try to get some better ones in a couple of days. 
My work week was crazy (in a bad way) filled with lots of patients and a lack of techs. When Friday came we were nothing but lazy and laid around the house after work. Later on that night we went to Walmart for a few items and came home to watch It's Complicated. 
Saturday we woke up, again in hopes that the weather had lightened up, and went to Cooper Young Festival. The streets were packed with people, crafts and vendors. We never expected for it to be so hot, infact by the end of our time spent walking around we had sun burns. 
A local movie store favorite, Black Lodge Video on the hill

May I note that we only spent 30 minutes outside! While browsing the many booths I spotted one that had linen napkins, cloths and stationary. I fell in love with this cloth which I've since hung on the oven.

We grabbed a bite to eat at one of our Memphis favorites, Young Avenue Deli. 
Tuckered out from the sun we went home to watch football and nap! I do love a good Saturday nap.
Later that night both of us had the most major sweet tooth and it couldn't be controlled! I was craving a cupcake so we ventured to a cupcake shop I had been hearing about for quite some time now, Muddy's.
We honestly didn't expect them to be open at 8:30 but to our surprise there was a line out the door. We knew this place had to be good. We had the best intentions but failed on the diet front and purchased 3 cupcakes, 1 slice of cake and a chocolate chip cookie! We're shameful I know.
Here's a cute card I bought at Muddy's which I will be finding a frame for very soon. Cute!
Cupcakes: Vanilla, Chocolate with Mint Icing & Cinnamon with Cream Cheese
After church yesterday we spent most of the time in our home washing clothes and napping of course. 
We've started a new week and I hope that it treats you well. Happy Monday lovelies!

xoxo .bd

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