Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Weekend one and all! 
Nothing too fancy planned for this weekend aside from picking a few things up from the store and cleaning the house. Everyday this past week I've wanted to talk a walk or jog around the neighborhood though with the weather still scorching hot and humid that hasn't been the case.
Here's to hoping next week will cool off.
Also another online magazine is launching this month. With the craze over Lonny it has lead me to wanting more and more. I'm already obsessed with periodical's as it is {You should see the stack by my bedside} but now we're graced with Rue Magazine due to premiere this month! 
A great interview all about the wonderful new world of Rue is provided for us through Casa Sugar. Editor in Chief ,Crystal Gentilello, shares all of her insider goods on what we can expect from her new venture! I'm ecstatic!

Keep your eyes peeled for the premier September 16th.
Have a lovely Saturday; treat yourself with something sweet today!
xoxo .bd

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