Monday, September 6, 2010

Like I said, I take lots of pictures and wind up not posting them. Shame shame!
Here is my past week in pictures, enjoy!

Last Sunday our good friend, Mogy invited us to join him at a kosher bar b q competition held at his synagogue. As Mogy is a fellow law school student he wanted to have a booth where U of M Law was represented aptly named "Legal Tender". There was roughly 7 of us who helped with cooking the ribs and beans. Lots of businesses around town including families who regularly attend the synagogue all came out of support the event.

Saturday was a glorious day in the Davis household. That's right LSU played UNC and my husband is a die hard LSU fan with blankets, shirts, hats, playing cards, coozies, you name it! In honor of this we invited friends over to watch the game. There was tons of snack foods, beer and testosterone. All of the guys were nice enough to bring something. As you can see our fridge held more than apples and salad once 7 o'clock hit.
And of course the guys in the backyard hanging out and grilling pre game. 
I regret not taking pictures of them screaming at the television as it was quite a sight. Those buys are enthusiastic and also nice enough to explain the game to me.

Yesterday I heard from Heather Gray a friend from Nashville who was in town for the weekend with her husband Bob whose artwork was being featured at the Heritage Art Festival. For the past 5 years his work has been used for the festival and on top of that it is featured on the side of a large building off of Union.  We stopped by on this beautiful afternoon to say hello and walk around.
Beale Street was also pretty packed as you can see! And on a Sunday afternoon no less!

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