Friday, July 23, 2010

Fabulous Friday

We're here again, ready for another sweltering summer weekend.

 The forcast for this afternoon is in the 100's....a heat I'm none to happy with. 
This week has gone by so slowly, I'm praying for an exciting Saturday and Sunday.
Oooh a date night would be so good, sushi and a movie. I would love nothing more than a date with my husband who has been busy working all week.
For the next few days Adam and I will be dogsitting for a family whose 4 dogs make me want to have some of my own.
Let's see, there's Dusty, Nemo, Leo and Peanut. Oh peanut, a miniature daschund that I would rather like to steal from the family. He's so adorable weighing maybe 1 pound who can't walk in the grass because it's almost as tall as he is.   We went to the home last night and had the opportunity to play in the back yard with them for over an hour. It may have been hot but we definitely had fun.
Have A fabulous Friday night...
xoxo .bd

{Photo Credits 1. Viva Amore }

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