Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Being in love is spectacular. 
Last night we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary a milestone that came so quickly!
The first year of our marriage has been wonderful. We have definitely had our fair share of hardships when it comes to our car, school and work but it all adds up to a stronger relationship.
The sum of us is far greater than the parts.
We often say, "Go team Davis!" whenever something has been conquered as a couple. We just know we're partners, we're in this together.
We had grand plans for the evening but as life is life we made new ones. Better ones.
Having remembered we had a coupon for dunner, we ate at Ghengis Grill {buy one bowl, get the second free} followed by Marble Slab. {Also a coupon for free ice cream!}
Who said you always had to pay full price?
Once our stomachs were upset from all the ice cream we ventured to Green Hills to see a, you guessed it, free movie! As mentioned in a previous post, we saw Toy Story 3 and because of a glitch received 2 free tickets to another movie. Lo and behold we knew it would be the perfect ending to our date night.
We saw SALT with Angelina Jolie. I highly reccommend it if you're in the mood to have an intense break from your day. You are thrown into this CIA world of hers with action packed sequences leaving you with a desire for a sequel. We spent the whole drive home talking about every detial...enthralled to say the least.

I hope you had a wonderful evening for yourself.
Tonight will be more low key with special events including laundry and magazines.

xoxo .bd

{Photo Credits: The Neo Traditionalist and Etsy}

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