Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve morning and after a long drive for Daddy and Josh (my brother) to pick up Papa from North Carolina and Adam & I from Memphis, we've all gathered in Nashville.

Every time we visit Papa or vice-versa he is always sweet enough to take us out to eat and today we're all headed to Cracker Barrell. If you're not from the south you'll have no idea what I'm taking about, but if you are from here Pancakes, old country store goodies and fried apples come to mind. I'm so excited for this yummy food and time with my family! We'll spend tonight with Adam's family and will get to open {all}, yes all, presents with them and watch movies. Tomorrow morning the two of us with get up bright and early to come back to my parents house to spend Christmas day with them. I am absolutely in love with this time of year not just for the decorations or shopping {goodness knows I have a love for shopping} but as I've moved away I rarely see my family and the holidays bring all of us together.

A few more presents need to be purchased and wrapped today so I've got to get on to breakfast!
I hope you enjoy these next couple of days spent with family and friends.
.betsydavis xoxo

{photo credit: Skirted Round Table}

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