Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Weekend

No matter how I spend my days or how much I try to accomplish in a week, I feel like these days are shorter than ever. Okay I know that the sun goes down pretty much right after lunch time, but oh how these weeks have flown by! But what I'm most excited for is that this Christmas season is upon us. Our home is decorated, there's a small carton of egg nog in our fridge....not to mention we went to our first holiday party last night.
My work held their Christmas party at a local country club filled with scrumptious food, a live band, dancing and an open bar. :) I was so excited to get out for an evening and really dress up.
Thanks to Kelly Ripa I found a new nail polish by Essie {Mink Muffs} which went perfectly with my Kimchi & Blue dress, gray of course, and a little leather jacket. Love love love to dress up. I've been wearing heels so much more by the way, 'tis the season to take care of yourself. Adam and I definitely enjoyed the night with seeing my co-workers out of our work element and just simply getting to know each other. Oh and to boot we won a $50 giftcard to Houston's Steak House! The prize Adam was drooling over was the Kindle but all is well because we get to have a fun date night, just the two of us. Alrighty so I'm off to get some Starbucks for Adam. He has an intense exam tomorrow so we won't be able to attend church :( but I'm going to take care of him while he studies his brains out.
Have a lovely rest of the weekend, Merrrry Christmas!


{Photo Credit: Martha Stewart}

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