Monday, December 14, 2009

A Very Merry Gingerbread Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend despite the rain that fell.
Saturday was Adam's 24th birthday which we celebrated of course with the start of Gibson's Donuts and some of our favorite magazines.

Birthday Boy!

Since the rain was pouring we stayed in for the afternoon and watched movies while cuddled up on the couch and later ate at Huey's for his b-day dinner. Huey's is a memphis burger joint famous for their, well, burgers (soooo yummy) and the toothpicks people have thrown on the ceiling. Gross, I know. But it's kitschy and so we like it.
Yesterday we finally got to visit the newly married couples sunday school class. I've been yearning for friendships with couples that are in the same place in their lives as we are and I hope we find those friendships there. We truly enjoyed the teachers and how much it related to what we're going through as a couple. Although we won't be able to attend the next couple of weeks for being out of town, I'm excited for January and all of the wonderful relationships God has in store for the both of us.
Seeing as we've started this new life together as a married couple we decided that we want to build our own traditions for every holiday/season. A tradition I wanted to institute was making a gingerbread house! For some reason we never really made one, that I can remember, as a kid and I felt it was about time.
No no no I did not bake my own gingerbread, I wanted to make a pretty house, not burn it before it was put up! Many thanks goes to Wal Mart for mass producing a cheap version with all the accoutrement that we needed for only $8!
 And a few pictures of our lovely little place with some Christmas cheer :)

{Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!}
{Target seemed to lie about this tree being 6' tall, I'm going with more like 5'5"}

{The garland I made above a doorway}
-Please excuse the poor picture quality-

{Even our bathroom towels have been decorated}

{Our Dresser}

{My bedside table with some holly berries I picked from our bushes in the front yard}

{The shelf above our kitchen sink dressed with merry berries as well!}

More posts for this week that I'm quite excited about, feathers anyone?

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