Thursday, December 3, 2009

A lot was accomplished today despite not haveing a to-do list but with being gone most of last week and all of last weekend I was in a funk with getting my usual tasks done. Though very excited about Christmas decorating, we still have our suitcase from Sunday on the floor beside the bed. That's so bad, isn't it? C'est la vie. I will take care of it tomorrow and life shall go on.
I made the finishing touches on our porch with garland and our window facing the street is now adorned with a wreath and crisp white ribbon. {And a few holly berries too for color} There's a garland hanging over a walkway in the living room with Christmas ornaments in wonderful shades of emerald green and bronze. Also a cute mistletoe ornament I bought at our Pottery Barn outlet for only $2! Man oh man, Christmas is my most favorite holiday. Next weekend I hope to make a gingerbread house from scratch. {Okay that probably won't happen from scratch}
While sweeping off our front porch, steps and walkway; they were completely covered in leaves; I thought of how my whole life I dreamed of being able to decorate my own house. Now, at 21 and newly married, I'm able to do just that.
Off to watch a movie we got from redbox, Paper Heart. Oh and say a prayer for Adam...he has another final tomorrow from 8-12. Yes a 4 hour final.

Goodnight lovelies :)

{Top Photo: Classy & Glamorous}

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