Thursday, October 8, 2009

Planes, Trains and the sound of settling

{A Post accidentally not posted from a week ago}

It is 6:15 on Thursday evening and the sun is no where in sight but hidden by gray clouds and the sound of an air plane above.
Two of the wonderful parts about the location of where we live {1} the air port is about 10-15 minutes away giving way to the beautiful take off and landing sounds at all hours of the night, And {2}train tracks are only about 2 blocks behind us.
This morning on the way to work/school Adam and I were talking about how much we love that the train comes by and greets us with very loud "TOOOOOOTTTT!! TOOOOOTTT!!!" every morning.  Maybe "toot" makes it sound a bit fourth grade-ish, but trust me it's my regular 6 am wake up call. (I don't need to get up until 6:30) Adam remarked that at least it's consistent, I didn't feel it a valid enough reason at the time...not sure if I ever will.

This weekend is packed with many different activities for the two of us. Tomorrow night we'll be seeing Girl Talk here in Memphis followed by a birthday bash for our friend Katie! Saturday we'll be cleaning the house and preparing food for a get together with some friends of mine from work and Adam's from law school.

I've been scouring every home decor store to find drapes for our bedroom and frames for all of ours vintage maps and wedding photos. Nothing has captured what I truly want for dramatic drapes to hang in our bedroom, but of course the fun is in the search.

Sunday I'm hoping to have as a day of recuperation.
I'm off to watch a couple of shows with my love and clean up the kitchen. Have a lovely evening.....

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