Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"It's Not What You Look At That Matters, It's What You See."

In that I have yet to fulfill my promises of pictures, I am following that Henry David Thoreau quote by making this my picture post.
The fact that I only updated once last week of what was a mishap from the previous week I am sad that I haven't made any more posts.
This past weekend Adam and I took a last minute trip back to Franklin so we could visit with family before Thanksgiving. We were lucky enough to come when the rain stopped at least for a few days leading us to walking all around downtown Franklin and picking pumpkins. We enjoyed our time there so much, family is so important to us, and it's tough being 3 hours away. The good part about being that far away is that I can play hostess and dress our home up.
Not much in the way of writing, I have to file my taxes by...oh.... tomorrow. Eeeep!

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