Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"...the little things are infinitely the most important."

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said it quite well and I wholeheartedly agree.

Sunday I finished planting in pots and mason jars from the wedding, my new little pansies. Purple, lavender and white are the colors we chose along with burgandy and bright yellow mums!
I have never been one to have a green thumb, that wonderful gift was given to my mom. She has single handedly turned my parents once straw and red clay back yard into a beautiful garden. If only I were a quarter as talented as she is I might just be able to redo our alley way side yard. Yes, more alley way than yard, it's teeny. I would post pictures of it's current state but I'm afraid that it's more of a disaster area filled with over grown weeds and an unfinished walk way than picture worthy.
Though my flowers which have been newly planted {well, just the pansies} may die by winter they are the little things that will make going onto our porch and walking down the stairs more enjoyable. I'm thrilled that we bought them, we also purchased my very first pair of black and white polka dot gardening gloves and hand shovel. And so, the little things are infinitely the most important.
On to other vessels: the brownie venture went quite well! Remember that one post "Mise en Place" all about making sure everything is measured out before you begin to ensure that everything goes smoothly? See what had happened was, I didn't quite do that. I ended up being short on the butter needed as well as chocolate chips but regardless of those misfortunes the brownies turned out yummy! Rather than using the called for finely chopped unsweetened chocolate I used special dark chocolate chips and a Hershey's bar. Also the recipe called for a 9"x13" pan but I used more of a 12"x6" leading us to a mountain of brownies. To be honest, I find nothing wrong with a mountain of brownies.

So this post didn't have everything I wanted in it, I must be off to the grocery store because our fridge is definitely lacking.  Oh and by the way, fall and Memphis have now become friends. Fall brought it's friends 'crisp air' and cooler temperatures' with him....or her :)

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