Sunday, October 25, 2009

{Post from Friday}

Happy Weekend one and all, you now have permission to sleep in past 6 and have yummy brunch on Sunday.
Who doesn't love the weekend? I have found that working Monday thru Friday  I look forward to the freedom I feel on Saturday morning.. No longer do I have to make sure work clothes are washed or a lunch is prepared for the next day, or even wash my hair the night before. It is utter bliss knowing that all I have to surrender to is cuddling up on the couch and light housework. I've about emptied a box of tissues since this morning but by tomorrow morning I hope to be much better. Crossing fingers.
A few weekend musts:

{Read a good book}


{Gather Fallen Leaves}

{Bake A Lovely Batch Of Apple Cider Doughnuts}

Tomorrow night we'll be having one of our couple friends Kevin and Allison over to make pizza, carve even more pumpkins (I might glitter mine) and watch Hocus Pocus! I'm off to cook up some dinner for the two of us.
Please take care, this is a lovely fall weekend to be outside.

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