Thursday, May 16, 2013

Trading Paperwork for Pampering

Hi, friends! How are you? I hope you are doing well!
I don’t always talk about my job on here as, well, this is an outlet from my job and daily requirements but I thought I’d share a tidbit with you! Currently I am a legal assistant at a law firm and do everything from answering phones and making files to assisting in Probate cases and working on annual reports for businesses. I enjoy my job and the office that I work in. I think I've said it before, but truly my office feels like a family…a dysfunctional family, but a family none the less. Everyone plays their role and most days you’ll hear us just yelling up and down the hallway at each other It’s a small office of only 4 attorneys and 3 staff. April 24th was Administrator Appreciation Day and to honor the ladies in the office, we were treated to Pedicures and lunch this past Monday.  Please note that the men had a charity golf event to attend so they weren't left out one teensy bit!
It was so nice to walk into work on Monday and know that I would be able to relax a little as opposed to worrying about client signings or paperwork!

The four of us went to a local salon, The Nail Bar. I have never been to a spa/nail salon like this one before. It was dimly lit with fun  music playing, a large wall full of polishes and chandeliers everywhere! Very chic!

We were shown our seats, offered drinks and started to soak our feet. The service was wonderful and they all addressed us by our first names instead of  “Lady with the bad feet” or “Rough Cuticle Rachel”. 
(This would be assuming my name is Rachel and that I have rough looking cuticles, which I don’t, of course. Obvi. )

And here we are at the end with our tootsies under the dryers. *Don't drink and dry, ladies!* Was that too corny?

As I mentioned it was a little dim in there so I apologize for the pictures being grainy.
We had a lot of fun an concluded that we should do this every quarter! Now we must convince the guys to be okay with it!
There you have it, from paperwork to pampering! The color I chose was 'You're a Pisa Work' by OPI. Its very cute, if I do say so myself!

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