Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Currently 5/1/13

Hello there! It has definitely been one hot minute since I last posted so I thought I’d pop in to give an update!
Truthfully I have been cheating on you. Yes, but it’s not what you think, I swear! You see, I have been writing in another online journal. BUT it is simply for personal reasons as opposed to public posts. Do you forgive me? Sometimes there are things that need to be let out but don’t need to be said to the world, you know?
It’s called ‘OhLife’ and every day you receive an email asking you how your day went. You simply hit reply and type whatever is on your mind. Once you press send the entry has been posted. There’s not a link to your page or a way to gather followers or even change up the font…it’s just an outlet. When I take the time to write the post I throw most writing rules out of the window. I write run on sentences, sometimes I curse, sometimes I jump from one thought to another and don’t connect the two. I find it to be so cathartic!

So what else has been going on recently? Well we officially have patio furniture! *These are the things you get excited for as an adult* Last Monday Adam called me on his way home from work and said he stopped into Target to finally buy us a table and chairs. We often talk about how nice it would be to sit outside on a beautiful evening to read our books or even have a little dinner but we pushed it off. Now, I am so glad we purchased them! As we don’t have a large outdoor space and it is typically just the two of us, we bought a small-ish dinner table with two chairs. They all fold up which means if a hefty storm blows through or we go out of town for an extended period of time, we can simply bring them into the kitchen. Perfect!
A few days ago I made pizza and we sat outside to enjoy the sun going down as pictured in the very top picture. The above photo is the back of our patio area, by the way. 

We hope to bring in some flower pots, maybe an outdoor rug and of course some lights like this!

In other news we spent last Wednesday thru Saturday with Adam’s parents. His dad had knee surgery early Thursday morning *all is well!* and Adam  took him to the appointment. We stayed to help with the animals and meals and whatever else they might need. It was fun to get away for a few days! Also, being that they are 10 minutes north of us, I had a shorter drive to work! Yay!

Saturday we spent time in Nashville at Opry Mills and Green Hills Mall to get some Spring/Summer shopping done. We have a wedding to attend this weekend for a long time friend and I had to find a cute dress to wear so basically I had no choice but to go shopping. Another long time purchase we have wanted to make was for perfume and cologne! Last June when we visited California, we went into Bloomingdales only to smell some of the most amazing scents from Jo Malone. The lady who helped us sent us home with close to 20 samples each. {God bless you woman!} I fell in love with Wild Bluebell and made sure to grab a sample whenever I went into our local Nordstrom. Adam fell just as hard for their unique fragrances so we decided it had to happen. We had lusted after them for a year so we knew it would be a worthwhile purchase. I’ll post those and a couple of other recent purchases very soon!

So that’s been our life lately… I hope you are having a great week thus far! We’ve made it to Wednesday- holla for humpday!
I’ll talk to you soon! Xoxo bd

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