Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Weekend

Happy amazing relaxing joyous Saturday! I so look forward to my weekends especially after the work week can sometimes wear you down.
If you recall from a previous post about a month ago, Adam and I were given a gift certificate for a local restaurant, Mack and Kate's. We were so blessed to be given a gift so big that we could spread it out amongst multiple meals.
I have heard wonderful things about M&K's brunch so it seemed fitting on a long weekend like this, to check it out. We came at the perfect time where we were seated and served immediately. 
Wanna see my date? Okay, fine fine I'll let you take a gander :)

 Can you tell he's ready for game day? LSU plays tonight so we both wore purple in honor of the Tigers.
Chances are that I will be playing on Pinterest, but I love him and try to support his interests. {Ha, I rhymed!}

Like I said, I like to support him so I wore my purple ruffly top for the day...and for LSU, of course! 

Okay now, back to the good stuff, the food.

Instead of serving biscuits before brunch they serve muffins. Such a cute touch, don't you think? 
The chocolate chip cappuccino was scrumptious! Oh and that's honey butter just in case you were drooling wondering; it's the little things I tell ya.

But because we had money to burn we said, let's have biscuts and jam too!
 {Side note: The Mr. isn't much of a muffin fan}

 You might think I thirsty from all of those pre-meal goodness bites of heaven, why yes I was, so I sipped on an iced cold tea. I'm southern, tea goes with every meal!

We both ordered the open faced BLT with fried egg and hash browns. Oh. My. Word.
This melted in our mouths; every bite was filled with crunch, gooey egg, crispy bacon and sweet wheat bread. I was full from the biscuits and muffins that I only ate half of my sandwich but don't you fret, I finished it later on in the afternoon.  Delightful.

Guess what? We still have money left on the gift card and are already planning a day for us to catch another bite to eat. Gosh I love dates with that guy, he's the bees knees!
If you are in the Nashville/Franklin/Brentwood area, please check this lovely place out, Mack and Kate's.
Until next time, I'll talk to you soon.
xoxo bd


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