Friday, September 21, 2012

First Day of Autumn

That's right, its the first day of Autumn!
We have already been drinking apple cider on the regular and have mums placed on our front porch and walkway. We're just a tad bit fall obsessed. 
Last night I ran into  walked around Hobby Lobby for an hour to gather wreath supplies. I swear, you can't walk into that place without getting sucked into their 50% off sales and discount seasonal decor. Oh those sneaky sneaky people!
I thought I'd share a few of the items around the house that have made an appearance in the last week prepping us for this glorious season. 
1. The parking lot in front of my work has leaves falling already! {That's pretty much the only tree I've seen around doing so...but it works for now.}
2. Pumpking Spice Latte Starbucks VIA packets {They're quite tame compared to a piping hot espresso and milk, but there's some flavor}
3. 'Leaves' candle from Bath and Body Works.{ My all time favorite fall/winter scent which has been wafting through our home every night. You must, at the very least, head over to B&BW to smell it! We also own this scent in the oil for our lamp rings.}

For inspiration? Well if you would like to inspire yourself with images of crunchy leaves, pumpkins and warm blankets, check out some of these Tumblr's:

and if you would like even more options for Autumnal/Halloween/Fall tumblrs:

I hope this helps to start your season off right!
Have a lovely and cozy Friday night, I'll talk to you soon...

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  1. So I stumbled across your blog and I love love love it!

    Your life seems really...cosy. If that makes any sense?

    And you have gotten me all excited for halloween!

    I don't know how to follow you on blogger, but I have bookmarked you