Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day 2012

It’s back to the work week after a much needed long weekend. I was one of the lucky people to be given Monday off and I took full advantage of sleeping in…every day! Saturday evening we went to my parent’s house to watch the big LSU game and Sunday evening we spent with Adam’s parents for dinner and watched The Help. I love, love, love that book and movie!
I hope you enjoyed your holiday and wanted to share some photos of our Labor Day cook out with family and friends.
Can you see Amber? Or as Papa calls her, Old One and a half, she is due in 3 weeks! We are all so excited!
Happy Birthday to Papa, he celebrated a very young 86th birthday. 

You might be curious as to what they are carrying through the living room. An organ of course!
Mr. Shaw (one of yesterday's guest) has an amp company and recently refurbished an organ for my dad's studio. 
I'm beginning to think everyone's dad doesn't have a studio or friends who bring them organs. Just thinking....

So that's it. There were a few snippets of our Labor Day gathering yesterday afternoon.
Again, I hope that you enjoyed your long weekend. 
I'll talk to you soon! 
xoxo bd

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