Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Summer's Saturday

I love Saturday's. Let's just get this straight, I love rest, relaxation and the opportunity to get tasks taken care of. My weekends as of late have been filled with running errands and putting my life back in order from the week.  Last weekend we had done so much by 3 in the afternoon we crashed by about 6 in the evening! I'm not sure if that's lame but I will surely own it!
Yesterday was just as productive and relaxing so I'm giving myself a high-five. *Smack*
I woke up with the need to clean and pick up our home. By Friday night there are dishes in the sink from dinner, shoes scattered by the front door, trash to be taken out, a pile of clothes to be washed {not to mention the sheets and towels as well} and carpets screaming to be vacuumed. Okay, maybe not screaming but you catch my drift.

We cleaned and cleaned {Hallelujah} then headed out to East Nashville for a Birthday lunch with friends!
If you aren't from the Tennessee area you may not be familiar but East Nashville is a very cool place to be..its where the creative, young and hip converge.
Our friend Zack turns 30 on Monday so a bunch of people gathered at Rose Pepper for mexican food! I had heard so much about RP and finally got a chance to check it out. I highly recommend the Rose Pepper Rings and the Taco good and affordable :) I even spied one of my blogger favorites, Coury Combs of Fancy Treehouse as we were leaving!
After lunch we grabbed some ice cream next door at Jeni's {Salted Carmel and Coffee} then and iced coffee at Ugly Mugs. This brutal heat calls for anything iced!
We walked around the Green Hills mall for a bit then grabbed some groceries at our most favorite Trader Joe's. With our move to Spring Hill, we are much farther from Nashville and haven't been able to go as often. Oh how I miss thee!

Today has been just as sweet and I will post photos of the day soon :)
Happy Sunday! xoxo bd



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