Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Wednesday one and all we've made it to hump day!
Being that we're leaving for Nashville to spend Easter weekend with our families I'm eager to get out of town as soon as possible. There are a few more reasons as to why I'm eager for this Friday as I haven't had the best week. Monday was just a downer of a day with my inability to do a good job at work. Well I only messed up twice out of about 75 patients (yes we see that many people before noon) but the two mess ups were enough to keep the day sucky. Tuesday didn't give me any high-fives either; I had essentially surrendered to a bad week.     Nothing really bad happened but by golly nothing good happened. Both Adam and I have been suffering with the change of seasons around here, Adam more so than I, and are ready for it to be over.
On to bigger and better things right?
A better post tomorrow

xoxo .bd.

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