Sunday, April 11, 2010

A little personal update:

Aside from the pretty pictures and videos I thought I should actually write in this blog about my life.
The past couple of weeks for the two of us haven't been the easiest. If it wasn't something at work it would be at school or something on the financial front.
Friday afternoon I receive a phone call from Adam while I'm at work, also during the time he would/should be in class, so I knew it was important. Long story short someone had used Adam's debit card number to purchase multiple items from pay as you go phones to gas and even 3 separate orders to Papa John's for $78 worth of pizza. We like our pizza but dadgummit not that much! Adam noticed our checking account had drastically changed and for no reason on our part as we typically watch our pennies. After having spoken on the phone with our bank and the police my hot and responsible husband had all of the money placed back into our account. Luckily our spending is pretty predictable and the bank trusted that the particular spending was out of the ordinary. In the end this nasty person stole $600 of our hard earned cash making it a felony.
We are sure of who the person was and how they attained the numbers.
Truly I'd like to help others as this can be a major problem and I'm sure we weren't the first or last victims.
One evening we ordered a pizza and paid with our debit card over the phone. Once delivered to your house the delivery person has to sketch over the actual card and write the 3# security code on the back. Sneaky as he was the man took that information of ours and went crazy.
As of now we decided we'll order online so as to not place our private information into anyone else's hands where it doesn't need to be. Being that Adam took charge, the entire situation was resolved within 6 hours of finding out. We're currently waiting on a call from the investigator as the pre payed cell phones are being sent to an address and could possibly end in a court case. (Idiot! Such an idiot! Really? You're going to steal our money and then tell us where you live?)
Needless to say we're ready for happier times, times that don't involve stress as often as late.
I must be going, hubby needs the laptop for school work.
Have a lovely Sunday and rest of your weekend!
xoxo .bd

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