Wednesday, March 24, 2010

 On Sunday I told myself that this would be a good week. Keeping my head up and looking for the best in every situation has really worked in my favor!
The tofu stir fry was pretty tasty to our surprise but all the videos I watched on youtube helped as well as all of the online literature I read. {Let's be honest, I was clueless and needed all the food aid I could find.}
Yesterday was the true start of this beautiful week! As I mentioned in my last post Tuesday afternoons are free at the Memphis Zoo which is hands down Adam's favorite activity. Well.... his top activities would include music, zoo's and aquariums. With two sonic drinks in hand we strolled into the entrance and gazed at all of the animals...and people! It was seriously packed.
 {Don't you think we look like we're at Disney World?}

Can we just pause for a minute to admire the father and son matching hair-do's? Yes, father and son. Also, please note that the back of the dad's shirt reads, "Ozzy Still Rules!" 

{While taking a picture of this lovely animal, two ladies next to us said, "Wow the donkey looks like a girl I work with." Not sure if that moment could have been any funnier. A burn comment for sure!}
What a hottie!!
 The bird gave birth and she looks surprised. "Congratulations!" I yelled to her, birth is a wonderful thing.

Completely and utterly in his element, he can name every fish in the aquarium!

At the end of our visit we drove to Ben & Jerry's for their free ice cream cone day! Thank you cake batter swirl, you made my night!
As for today we've laid pretty lo key aside from the fact that my man made the most kick butt bar b q chicken! We're watching our weekly wednesday shows and are in full obsession over Modern Family.
Bon nuit my loves!
xoxo .betsydavis

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