Monday, April 19, 2010

I apologize for the lack of updates this past week, but I'm back and ready for blogging again.
Everyday work seemed to pass by faster and faster until Friday arrived and I was shocked. That afternoon we went to the movies to see 'The Runaways' with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. May I say that although the movie was very interesting and the soundtrack pretty freakin' great, it was none the less risque and full of profanity. The story line kept us interested but again and again we were shocked at the vulgarity of Dakota Fanning's character.
As my in-laws were coming to visit on Saturday I had spent the week cleaning. You know how you tend to go the extra mile when guests come, well scrubbing the base boards led to scrubbing the refrigerator and dusting under the couches...and...and...well I was exhausted by the time they arrived. We showed them the law school which they were quite impressed by and even drove to Mississippi for Books-A-Million. (Olive Branch is only about 25 min. away)
In an effort to exercise my brain I was eager to purchase an easy sudoku book and my father in law was so generous as to buy one for me! Once I got the hang of it I was hooked. I can definitely understand why so many people are addicted to it.
They treated us to dinner at none other than Central and got some chocolate at Dinstuhl's and headed back to the house where the boys played video games. Adam and his brother Daniel played that PS3 until the wee hours of the morning. With finals creeping closer and closer I know my hubby needed a break that was mindless.
Summer is drawing near with changes for us Davis's so as soon as I know the proper details I'll make a post. I'm excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and of course the wedding of my brother and his gorgeous fiance, Amber.
Off to another work week I go! I hope you have a lovely evening :)
xoxo .bd
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