Sunday, April 4, 2010

It seems as though we've just arrived in Franklin for the weekend and its almost time to leave again. Why are these visits so short? At least while here we try our hardest to visit our friends and family while getting in our favorite Nashville only activities.
We drove in to Spring Hill to see my parents first as my Aunt Beth, Uncle Jon, and two cousins Tessa and Jonathan are visiting for Easter as well! We ate up a yummy meal outside to enjoy the perfect weather and watched multiple episodes of 'Science of the Movies' until my dad got home from practice. He's a worship leader at a church in Murfreesboro which holds services at MTSU every year for Easter. Each time there's a special musical guest and this year country artist Josh Turner will be playing a few of his songs. Fun stuff!
Yesterday was spent mainly with Adam's parents where they took us out to lunch at SATCo {San Antonio Taco Company} for unbeatable bean burritos and soft tacos. The entire porch was filled with lots of people basking in the warm spring sun. After a couple more stops we headed back home only to get out again as I was having a girls night out!
Paige, Lindsey, Sarah and even Jessica for a short while met to catch up on the past couple of years. It was so nice to be around them again. It felt like old times sitting at Starbucks and driving around Nashville- not to mention the hundreds of times we went to Centennial park for jumping pictures.
Peeeektures to follow but I must get dressed for church.
Have a lovely Easter weekend!
xoxo .bd

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