Saturday, September 26, 2009

Something Worth Doing is Worth Doing Well

 In reading one of my magazines there was this post's title quote,
"Something worth doing is worth doing well"

Apparently I am very lacking in the "doing well" department of keeping up with this blog.
As promised in the last post I did infact make an apple crisp but it turned out more like apple oatmeal instead.
Sad day, right? I took a few pictures which I hope to post (a promise is a promise) sooner than later.

In that I am making promises to be kept I will be updating tomorrow with a full post on all of the goodies, fall tv shows and movies I'm obsessing over. Also a few notes on life in Memphis... like work, finding a church, gardening and trying to be a good wife.
I'm off to bake the homemade brownies I've been promising Adam for a couple of days.
Goodnight sweet Saturday...

Photo Courtesy Of: Morning T

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