Friday, January 24, 2014


With Spring approaching, I am finding myself seeking out and coming across florals of every distinction.

Truth be told there is nothing more typical than flowers at Springtime. You may recall a quote from Devil Wears Prada sarcastically noted by Miranda Priestly, “Florals in Spring, Groundbreaking.”. 

I understand that its not groundbreaking (even though it is in a flower’s nature to break the ground) as a spring trend, but flowers brighten the world. They remind us that there is beauty after a cold, grey winter. (Uh, hello, Polar Vortex anyone?)

A resolution I made this year was to bring more flowers into our home and look at me now- bringing flowers into my blogging home as well! 

I hope the images above bring you a little inspiration as well.
xoxo bd

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