Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nailed It // Mani of the Moment: Olivia Palermo

Today I wanted to spotlight one of my personal style icons, Olivia Palermo. There are a few  countless photos of her outfits that I have meticulously looked times for inspiration. I just love how she combines a classic aesthetic with fun and energetic accessories.  There is one accessory that she wears that couldn't be more classic, a red manicure. 
Truth be told,  I think we could all agree that the most iconic color for nail polish would be a great fire engine red.
You'll be pressed to find a street photo or even an ad that she has been in without that signature mani. From what I have read,her color of choice is Essie's Lollipop which I just so happen to be wearing on both my fingers and toes currently. In fact I owned that polish before having read that basically we are twins and didn't even realize it. 

With that said, I think it's high time you sit down with a glass of wine (or coffee or water), put on a chic flick and give yourself an at home mani.

Talk to you soon...
xoxo bd

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