Saturday, January 4, 2014

Catching Up

Phew!We are now back from our week in East Tennessee for a trip with our family. It was so refreshing to wake up without an alarm and stay in cozy clothes until noon. My heart and body needed a rest from our usual busy schedule.

We got back in last night and lazed around, ate dinner and finished the first season of Dexter. We decided it was a good idea to "binge watch" the majority of the show the weekend before with a friend and have gotten sucked in. Its oddly addicting. 

Today we are back to getting chores taken care of like the necessary laundry and groceries. Oh lawd we were in need of groceries; there's not much you can do with natural peanut butter and rice milk egg nog. Really and truly, I tried.

I made an effort last night to grab my planner and utilize all of those pinned recipes that I tend to forget about. I've learned that if I take the time to plan our meals and write out all of the ingredients we will need for the week, we won't be left with the inevitable, "What do you want for dinner tonight?". It happens far too often than we would like. 

On another note: Recently I have been in talks with my cousin (whom I absolutely love) who has a new company that I will expand on in the near future. As she lives about 6 hours away we have ended up having FaceTime and texting sessions all about home decor. Her goal is to whip our little home into shape and she is oh so qualified for the job! She has impeccable taste. We are slowly beginning the process of working on each room. I think its about time I fall in love with where we live.

Time to close up shop and head out to a family dinner. Have a lovely Saturday, friends!
Talk to you soon,

xoxo bd

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