Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sick Day Survival Guide

Sick Day Survival Guide

Sick Day Survival Guide by lovelybdavis 

Well hello, friends! I have officially crawled out of my hole that I've been hibernating in for the past couple of weeks. Please accept this apology, if in fact, you actually thought about stopping by this wee little blog.

For the past week the Mr. and I have been plum sick and gross. Last Monday I came home from work early and slept for about 14 hours with only a little break for a grilled cheese at dinner. I had aches and coughs and sneezes and snots and…well…you get the picture. I was not feeling my best by any means. Being the ever so gracious wife that I am, I passed on my sickness onto my hubs and even to my dad!
So sorry!
Luckily today I can breathe out of my nose pretty well. Holla!
 Slowly but surely, right?!

Above are a few of my essentials for those days when you feel like a box of tissues and a blanket are your ever present friends. 

I hope this post find you well....literally...I hope you're not sick :)
I'll talk to you soon.
xoxo bd

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