Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013 & Charlotte's First Easter

A few days before Easter I received an email from my Mom asking for help in decorating the table for our big lunch. I must first brag on my Mamma as with any get together, be it a big holiday or a small Sunday brunch, she always has a spread of fresh fruits, different cheeses, chips, hummus, crackers, wine, beer- I mean this woman knows how to throw a party. She is always making sure everyone has a little something to nibble on and a comfy place to sit. There she is below, looking gorgeous as always:

This year she said she wanted to go all out with our table and make this a very special occasion as it was Charlotte's first Easter. 
{If by chance you didn't know, Charlotte is my niece and the first grandchild for my side of the family.}
We came up with a color palette and my mom had a beautiful silver candelabra from Gramma, her Mom, that she wanted as the center piece. With that in mind, we began styling it up.
I had so much fun gathering fabric and ribbon, placing the real silver about the table and arranging fresh flowers from my mom's garden.  Why not make an effort to enjoy time with your family? 
*I think it helps that we all get along really well.*

Please note Charlotte's place setting, she had her very own baby sized silver ware and plate. 

Fresh tulips from the garden cut the night before and opening up beautifully!
I'm pretty sure this is my favorite picture of her the whole day...
In the bottom right photo I just picture C saying, "Uh, Mamma, this is my photo shoot, back it up!"

You may notice that we didn't get one single picture of our family. I read another bloggers post where she stated,
  "I should have titled this, "Easter: Grandparents' Editionbecause every single photo includes their beloved grandson (and, really, has very little to do with Easter)." 

  I must agree, maybe next year?
I sure hope you don't mind the photo dump. This one is for the scrapbook :)

Talk to you soon! xoxo bd