Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Favorites: Dreaming of Kitchens

Its Friday! 
{I’m sure you’re well aware of the days of the week, I’m guessing that was no surprise to you}
Friday in my heart and at my office is always looked forward to.

 No. 1: It’s casual day. No need to think of which heels to wear, just throw on my jeans, flats and a cute top. 

No.2 I get to sleep in the next day. I enjoy sleep so much! I know many say, “You’ll sleep when you’re dead” but gosh, I love sleeping now! Waking up without an alarm is glorious. Friday makes me hopeful of sleep to come!

Being that it’s Friday I thought it fitting to share my Friday Favorites! *Don’t you just love alliteration?!*
Like I have mentioned many-a-time before, I’m obsessed with Tumblr. It’s like Pinterest but without categorizing or a magazine of all your favorite images without those pesky sentences! This must make me sound terribly lazy. Ah, well, I guess so!

I have been attracted to interiors and home exteriors lately. I feel you can find your true taste by what you repin or repost. You can sort of hone in on what colors, shapes and styles you are attracted to.
Above are some kitchen photos that I have salivated over. Straight up, face to the computer screen, mouth wide open, wishfully thinking of the day I can have a kitchen like one of them.

The weather this weekend is supposed to be ridonculous… like 71 and sunny. I’m planning on wearing flip flops and maybe pulling out one of my maxi dresses!
Have a fantastic weekend; I’ll talk to you soon!!
Xoxo bd

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