Monday, March 25, 2013

Delighfully Unexpected Brunch

When it comes to impromptu entertaining my initial reaction is 'Come on over!' but then I tend to work myself into a frenzy over cleaning the house and making sure there is good food around.This makes me believe I'm not a 'fly by the seat of my pants' kind of girl. Whatevs... I'm sure this is a typical reaction for most so I won't give myself too hard a time.

Thursday afternoon I got a call from my Mom that my Uncle and Cousin would be in town for the weekend and I jumped at the chance to host my cousin Tessa. {My uncle was staying with my parents but of course he would have been and is more than welcome to stay as well!} I went home after work and got busy cleaning the guest room, washing the sheets and prepping our home. Don't you just love when your space is fresh? I feel I sleep better when things are picked up and wiped off.

Friday I left work early to hang out with my family and later on that night we all gathered for dinner and watched paranormal shows. {Little known fact about the Harvill's, we Tivo every ghost show imaginable. Literally, 85% that air on tv get recorded.} That night we talked about plans for Saturday and what to do for breakfast. At some point I volunteered our home to host all 9.5 of us. Hasty much, Betsy? Girl you've got like one tiny couch and a little space on the floor to sit.  How's that gonna work out for ya?

Once in bed that night I went a little nuts on Pinterest to figure out what to fix. From Stratta's and casserole's to muffins and granola, I think I overwhelmed myself a bit. After a searching storm I thought back to a blogger whose work I consistently drool over. Jenny Steffens Hobick over at 'Everyday Occasions' always shares simple and easy ways to have a get together. I thought to myself, WWJD (What would Jenny Do) and I realized she would keep it simple. She would use what she already had readily available in her pantry.With that in mind I made a mental note of the few things I needed to do and decided I was no longer going to flip out.

At 10:15 Saturday morning everyone arrived and the coffee cups began to fill up. It was easy to put together and only took about 30 minutes of prep time. Our house still smells of's glorious. I snapped a few photos to remember and thought it might be fun to share with you. 

I hope this week finds you well! Being that our county is on Spring Break,  traffic was hardly an issue on my way to work this morning - fist pump! Yayy!
I'll talk to you soon....xoxo bd

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