Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Current Beauty Favorites

Current Beauty Favorites

Current Beauty Favorites by lovelybdavis 

 Happy Humpday, the work week is officially half way over *woot woot*
! Seeing as I have been adding new beauty products to my daily routine and thought I might share a few of them with you. 

Josie Maran Argan Oil:  This been such an amazing night time face moisturizer. The thought of placing pure oil on your face may scare you but I promise this stuff sinks right in just beautifully. An added benefit to the above product is that you can not only use it on your face but on your hair, cuticles and skin.  I place this after I've washed my face and then afterwards top it with a night cream.

Essie Nail Polish in Enuf is Enuf:  One night, about a year ago, Adam made a run to the store and came back with that beautiful polish in hand. He said he wanted to get me something fun to brighten my day.  First of all, yes. Let's add that to the list of why I love my husband. It is a pretty mix between pink, orange and red. It looks great in the Spring and Summer on toesies!

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish: Oh snap. This lip scrub knows whats up. It exfoliates like a dream and only takes a tiny amount to get rid of any dead skin. I like to use this after I've brushed my teeth at night and after I've scrubbed will then lather on a kick butt lip butter. 

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle: Well hello there healthy glow, where have you been? This highlighter proves to brighten up my face in the most subtle way. I place this on the tops of my cheek bones and on my brown bone. There are days when I have simply used it as my blush and love it just as much!

Dr. Jart+ BB Beauty Balm: If you want to even out your skin tone but don't want to feel like you have caked foundation all over your face, go with this BB cream. I originally tried a sample through my Birchbox and loved it immediately. I kept the sample in my makeup bag until I purchased the full size a couple of weeks later. I love that it has SPF 25 as well!

There you have it, my latest beauty additions. 
I'll talk to you soon! xoxo bd

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