Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hairy Situation

I will be getting a hair cut in T-minus 30 minutes. *Eeek* I am always excited to try something new and have an opportunity to change up my routine. I also love getting my hair washed and styled and just plain being pampered. My great grandmother was on to something when she had her hair done every week. 
In December I made a "drastic" change and cut roughly 8''-10'' off. My hair was entirely too long and thick so I made a change. It's time for a followup cut and I want to go a little more sleek. Something clean and easy. 
Above are some inspiration photos I've pinned and emailed to myself. You can tell they are all very similar if not the exact same cut and...well...color. Off I go!
I hope you have a lovely Spring Tuesday! 
Talk to you soon, xoxo bd

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