Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Musthaves: Bubblebaths

Monday Musthaves: Bubblebaths

Monday Musthaves: Bubblebaths by lovelybdavis

When it comes to cleaning up, I more than likely will choose a quick hop in the shower but when I want to unwind, I turn on the  water and slip into the bathtub. The weather today was cold and icy with most everyone scurrying to their homes as quickly as possible to avoid the blustering wind. Its days like this that I appreciate a nice long *err give me 20 minutes tops* soak.
My Bubble bath Must haves are as follows:
Bubble bath of course! I alternate between bath salts and my warm vanilla sugar from Bath and Bodyworks. It smells so yummy and leaves my skin ever so soft.
Reading Material: Being that I am frightened to drop my phone in the water I make it a point to separate myself from technology by grabbing my latest magazine or book. Tonight I flipped through the latest Real Simple and People Style Watch.
Silky Skin:  At the end of the bath it is time for nice smooth legs! The gilette olay razors are a new favorite as the moisturizers are already built in! No more messing with foam spewing out and the can not so gracefully slapping you in the foot... I sure hope I wasn't the only one who had shaving cream mishaps.

So there you have it, my bubblebath musthaves. 
I hope the start of your week has gone well, I'll talk to you soon!
xoxo bd


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