Thursday, January 24, 2013

Abstract Love

Abstract Love

Abstract Love by lovelybdavis on Polyvore

*I was going for Muskrat Love but you know...Abstract! Cheeky? Yeah, Not so much...moving on!*
I am constantly inspired by art prints on Etsy, Pinterest and other bloggers work as you can see above. Back in the day….way, way back, many moons ago…around 2007… I went to a small art school to study Graphic Design.  I quickly realized that my passion was far from creating digital images or coding websites. My passion was in pencil, charcoal and watercolor. I wanted to work with the medium and get my hands dirty. I have only the fondest memories of pulling all-nighters in the studio to sketch whatever the assignment was for that week. My fingernails looked more like that of a mechanic than a 19 year old gal’s. Oh the days of charcoal, you were so so messy.
Long story short I dropped out of art school and moved on to something much more exciting, a desk job! Well that sounds sad. I love my job though it doesn't bring the excitement I used to experience while mixing paints. In the same argument, mixing paint doesn't pay my bills quite like the desk job does…so I’m working with what I've got.
From time to time I will purchase a discount canvas and go about making something while watching a movie.  It is infinitely relaxing and I think to myself every time that I should do it more often. Apparently I don’t learn from repetition.
In the past year or two I have seen what seems to be a resurgence of abstract art. It is probably far from resurgence and just an influx of social media. Regardless, I am hit daily with beautiful images of some fine person’s art work.  Check out my Color Palette board and you will see I have a semi-distinct taste for color and style.  You know Jen Ramos of  Cocoa and Hearts? Yeah, love her stuff but it is constantly sold out. {You go, Glen Coco} And Michelle Armas, her work is absolutely beautiful! Mary Ann Wakeley is beyong talented. I ADORE her work. Well after scrolling through their art for sale I realized I could create something similar (humbly) and more cheaply with what I already had.

All of this to say, after work last night I went to JoAnn's and found a couple of canvases for 40% off. Score! If you have ever browsed the canvas isle you know those suckers can get pretty pricey. So I grabbed a couple and am now on a mission to paint for me, for my house and for my husband. {I say my husband because a happy wife is a happy life, right?}

Looks like tonight I will be in some raggedy clothes infront of a canvas...sounds good to me!
I hope you are having a beautiful Thursday, I'll talk to you soon!
xoxo bd

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