Monday, February 13, 2012


Most everyone will celebrate Valentines Day on...well...the 14th but being the rebels that we are we have been celebrating all weekend long!
We went out on multiple dates and even made a pact {a hand shake in fact!} with each other that we would only spend time together. Sometimes you just need to focus on the one you love...
We stayed up late, slept in, lazed around, watched tv, got ourselves goodies just because and the list goes on. Tonight after work and a trip to the dentist we decided to make it our offical Valentines Day by getting some yummy pizza, cupcakes and two movies. Hello wonderful night in!
Without further ado, I'm off to spend time with my L-O-V-E and I will talk to you tomorrow.
Have a lovely night!

xoxo bd
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  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Love that you two love each other so well!